The group has two facilities for lead smelting and refining from various types of Lead scrap like discarded old scrap batteries, lead scrap, lead dross, lead ash and lead residues to produce Pure Lead of High Purity and various lead based alloys. Both the units have required registration with MOEF, Central Board and Andhra Pradesh State Pollution Control Board as approved Smelter and Refiners of lead.

Following are the main lead products.

  • Pure Lead 99.99 % & 99.97 %
  • Antimonial Lead Alloy
  • Selenium Lead Alloy
  • Calcium Lead Alloy
  • Lead Cadmium Alloy
  • Lead Antimony Master Alloy
  • Etc

Group is already supplying Pure Lead & Alloys of Lead to many reputed major battery manufactures and PVC stabilizers manufactures of the country.

Job Work:

Job work also undertaken for conversion of old scrap Lead Acid Batteries or any other lead scrap to Pure Lead/Lead products on percentage recovery basis.

Kindly ask for details.

Annual Contract for Lead Products:

Also undertake Annual Contact for supply of various Lead Products on Monthly basis on LME MI pricing basis. Enquiries from reputed battery makers are solicited.

Besides domestic operations, also engaged in overseas business and import of various lead products such as lead acid battery plates scrap (ISRI-RAILS), Remelted lead bullion, lead Ore / lead concentrate etc. from various countries.

Export enquiries for Pure Lead and other Alloys of Lead are solicited.