1. Group has three facilities for production and manufacturing spread over a total area of 10 acres, 8 acres and 3 acres of land respectively.
  2. The facilities have requisite covered space and material handling equipments for easy operations.
  3. The company is having latest battery breaking facilities, rotary furnaces and refining vessels and pouring systems, Ball Mill, Barton Pot, Red Lead & Litharge Furnace and latest battery manufacturing plant and equipments.
  4. The Company is having well established R & D section and Chemical Lab with SPECTRO Photometer etc. and all the latest Battery Testing equipments.
  5. They also have the required pollution control equipment as per the norms of the Central Pollution Control Board.
  6. For Battery making, company is having all the latest machines like Auto Grid Casting, Automatic Pasting Machine, Curing Chamber, Inter Cell connection and Heat Sealing Machine along with Positive Tubular plate filling machine and Battery Charging System etc.

All the Machineries, Equipments and other infrastructure which have been installed are of the latest designs/ models available looking into the future after due consultations with the industry experts. Therefore, Group deliver quality products to its valuable clients / end user.

A team of well qualified and experienced staff makes the operations successful.


To be a global leader in the field of lead acid storage batteries using latest technology while maintaining leadership in the field of lead alloy products ensuring environment friendly technology.


To provide Superior products and seamless service across nations ensuring excellent ROI to all channel partners and stake holders by constant innovations in technology and improvement in operational efficiency.