Supreme batteries Group of companies [located at Hyderabad] are leading producers of Pure Lead, Alloys of Lead, Chemicals of Lead and Lead Acid Batteries in India. The group is engaged in (1) Secondary Lead Smelting & Refining from various types of Lead scrap like discarded old scrap batteries, lead scrap, lead dross, lead ash and lead Residues to produce Pure Lead of High Purity and various lead based alloys (2) Production and manufacture of chemicals of lead like Grey oxide [Ball Mill and Barton Process], Red Lead and Litharge and (3) Production and manufacture of lead acid batteries suitable for two wheelers automobiles, Invertors, UPS, Solar, Stationery & traction applications. The products are as per customer’s specification or IS specifications.

The organization believes in latest technology, innovative by regular research & development, quality products and efficient customer service. Today SUPREME is a well known brand in lead products and lead acid batteries not only in India but overseas too.